Accounting Plus, Inc.

Content Marketing • Digital Design • Web Design • 2016-2017

Accounting Plus (A+) is a great client of ours at Hoot Design Co..

As Director of Content and Development, I take the lead on creating articles and content marketing strategies for A+. 

Needless to say, I’ve learned TONS about taxes, accounting, and payroll since I began working with Accounting Plus. For me, learning about new fields and specialty areas I would never be exposed to otherwise is part of the fun of content marketing.

Work created at Hoot Design Co.


Accounting Plus Blog & Content Marketing

As with all (good) content marketing, the goal of the Accounting Plus blog is to create relevant, useful information their customers value.

Self-publishing this information brings in customers searching for answers to common questions – questions that the tax preparers, payroll managers, and specialists at Accounting Plus are more than prepared to help them with. 

This open information builds trust with potential consumers and, ultimately, brings new clients to Accounting Plus.

To create these blog posts, I (on behalf of Hoot Design Co.) generate content ideas that are relevant to the areas of business Accounting Plus wants to bolster. Then, I generate an outline and questions and hold interviews with Accounting Plus specialists to gain all the information, anecdotes, and examples needed for a robust article.

Next, I write, edit, and publish – translating their specialty knowledge into user-friendly information. I then create shareable graphics suited to Pinterest and other social media networks in order to distribute their knowledge.

Click through below to read each article.

Straight to the Bank   , the Accounting Plus blog.

Straight to the Bank, the Accounting Plus blog.