Published: We teach clients the skills to do our job, and you should too

I loved writing this article for Web Designer Depot.

I really do believe in this approach: When it comes to business, empower others and your openness will come back to you tenfold.

This setup is the professional theory behind much of what we do at the marketing and web design agency where I’ve worked for years. (And as a note, I feel extremely fortunate to be part of a workplace environment embracing this mentality.) 

Over the past few quarters especially, we’ve been practicing the “empowerment” mentality more and more – and have only seen growth.

The negative side effects naysayers love to tout (you’ll run yourself out of business! no one will be interested in what you do if you show them how you do it!) have been absolutely nil, zip, zero, nada, etc.

In some ways, I see our mentality of client empowerment as an outgrowth of a shine theory approach to life, which encourages women to support one another in a world that all too often insists that women are catty competitors. Perhaps this is because many of the clients we work with day in and day out are women (or, at least, our favorites are 😉).

Of course, I believe an empowerment approach is the best approach for any client or customer. But I do feel passionate about connecting with women-owned businesses for mutual support, encouragement, and growth.

Anyway, you can check out the article here: We teach clients the skills to do our job, and you should too

Additionally, however....

What happens when you take the OPPOSITE approach to your client relationships? When you really, honestly are set out to chain clients to you ad infinitum? (With some BS excuse to justify it, of course).

I wrote about that too. But in a publication that allows more, uh, ...vibrant tenacity?

Rage. Rage. That's the word I’m looking for, here. Rage. Total outrage.

Prepare for some major rage (and obscene language) here: 3 Things You ALWAYS Need to Own When Creating a Website