Build This Town Campaign for the Agriculture Park

Brand • Ad Campaign Concepting • Marketing • Strategy • Digital Design • Print Design • Web Design • 2016

In 2016, the Columbia Parks & Rec Coalition came to Hoot Design Co. with a big project in mind: they needed to raise millions of dollars to build a first-in-the-state agriculture park.

Their ambition called for a powerful campaign, and at Hoot Design Co. we built just that.

Work created at Hoot Design Co.

First thing’s first: What’s in a name?

Initially, the coalition wanted to call themselves (and the campaign) Friends of the Farm. But that’s not a rallying cry—it’s just an abstract statement.

I floated the idea to present new, campaign-specific names to the client, and they chose my concept: Build This Town. It’s a powerful call to action that inspires grassroots enthusiasm and big-donor buy-in.

I was responsible for creating Build This Town’s complete brand identity, including their logo, color palette, typography, design assets, and image styling.

Build This Town’s final brand board.

Build This Town’s final brand board.


Next up: Powerful phrasing

To accompany the campaign’s energizing name, Build This Town needed powerful, punchy brand messaging to get people on board. I created phrases to be used throughout campaign materials, including:

Brand messaging that galvanizes support.

Brand messaging that galvanizes support.

• Our food. Our families. Our future.
• It’s time to build this town. Together.
• But Columbia can’t do it without you.


Copywriting that hits home (and design that packs a punch)

The crew behind Build This Town are experts in agriculture, public health, education, and more. They know a lot, and are passionate about spreading their message. Expertise is important. But it’s not always accessible.

I was responsible for making sure we translated their knowledge into accessible copy that inspires action. I collaborated to craft sales sheets, brochures, and other campaign materials, overseeing other copywriters and writing much of the copy myself.

Written communication becomes more powerful when paired with powerful design. I was responsible for designing the sales sheets, brochures, and other campaign materials myself to bring the message to life.

Campaign materials that combine copy and design to make a splash.

Campaign materials that combine copy and design to make a splash.

Driving donations online

Finally, Build This Town needed a website that spread awareness, represented their brand, and allowed anyone to donate online. I was responsible for copywriting, designing, and building the campaign’s website.