Logo for Dexpresso Coffee Cafe | Avery Enderle Wagner

DEXpresso Coffee Café

Naming • Visual Branding • Messaging • 2017

DEX Imaging, a print and imaging company headquartered in Florida with offices across the southeast, called on the team at HDco to create a brand for a new in-house coffee shop.

First, they needed the perfect name to capture the bright, fun energy they wanted their employees to enjoy in the new space.

The solution: DEXpresso. 

The team over at DEX is always up for a good pun, and DEXpresso is no exception. In addition to a punny name, I created DEXpresso's original logo, visual identity, and messaging that plays on the company's focus (printing and imaging) to keep the energy percolating throughout.

Work created at Hoot Design Co.

Punny graphics—and larger-than-life application.