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Focus On Learning

Brand Identity • Messaging • Marketing Strategy • 2017

Focus On Learning provides the best of the best when it comes to ACT Prep and subject tutoring.

They needed an updated brand—while retaining their original logo—that emphasized their high academic standards, collegiate focus, and personalized philosophy.

By keeping an emphasis on blue and red—a stable, academic combination if there ever was one!—but expanding the palette to encompass a range of hues within each color group, I was able to achieve a brand foundation that's welcoming while still keeping it professional.

The new typography palette is a mix of fonts that can be balanced to lean academic or lean playful, depending on a specific marketing piece's intended audience and platform. I love the high contrast on the extra bold iteration of Google's Spectral, the soft slabs on Henriette, the measured fun of Lie to Me (unfortunate name, however!) and the down-to-earth, perfectly balanced x-height of Source Sans.

Work created at Hoot Design Co.

Hand-Selected Icons

Icons play an important role in communication. They're like a shorthand, but even shorter.

Focus On Learning needed a robust set of icons that were simple but not stodgy. After selecting an appropriate set, I recolored each in Focus On Learning's new color palette to give a sense of depth to otherwise flat illustrations.

Left Brain, Right Brain

Focus On Learning stresses teaching students, not subjects. That means focusing on each student's personal learning style. I chose recolored, and styled scenes to reflect typical left- and right-brained learning styles.