The Multicultural Certificate

Branding • Identity • Website Design • Print Design • 2012–2015

I had a great time creating and maintaining the University of Missouri Multicultural Certificate’s unique and original branding while it lasted (then transitioning branding to University guidelines once the time came).

After about three years, the University decided to start enforcing its brand guidelines within academic certificate programs like the MCC in order further maintain the integrity of the Mizzou brand. It was time to say goodbye to red, blue, and green, and hello to tiger stripe black and gold.

But, in the meanwhile, the MCC offered an opportunity for limitless design exploration and play. Check out just some of what I was able to do for the certificate.


The MCC World Map: Endonyms and Exonyms 🌎 🌍 🌏

One of my favorite projects for the MCC was the opportunity to create a cool world map to use in our office and print materials. There are two final versions, one with countries labelled with endonyms (the official name or names for the country used inside that country) and the other with exonyms (the name that outsiders give that country – in English). Click each to enlarge. 😊

Opportunities for Fun 🎉

Though we managed a database with over 10,000 students in various stages of the certificate program and a student staff of over 20, there was still time for staff fun in and out of the MCC office, all with custom invites of course 😉