Nourish Café + Market

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Nourish Café and Market is another truly collaborative project I worked on at Hoot Design Co.

While it was my initial typography-forward logo concept that won, Nourish's brand became as cool as it is thanks to the influences of our whole team.

For example, the texture on their most widely recognized logo version wasn't my idea – but it gives a huge helping of character to the brand.

Another element of Nourish's branding I wish I could say I am responsible for are their custom illustrations of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, all balanced in heraldic arrangements that elevate each element beyond its status as a simple ingredient you could find laying around a kitchen. These ingredients are to be celebrated, held in the highest esteem.

I didn't come up with that ingredients-as-masters concept, or create the illustrations – an incredibly talented illustrator on our team did – but it's a great example of how teamwork creates better results than any one individual could alone. 

Work created at Hoot Design Co.

The final Nourish brand board, via Hoot Design Co.

The final Nourish brand board, via Hoot Design Co.