Spillman Homes

Branding • Web Design • 2018

About the brand

Spillman Homes does custom home building and remodeling here in Columbia, MO.

Their impeccable taste, style, and class set them apart. Believe it or not, every detail—down to the cabinet handles!—is hand-selected with care in every home, whether custom or semi-custom.

About the design

I created a blend of organic flow and structured lines for the Spillman Homes brand by pairing hand-colored, sketch-style illustrations with geometric patterns that evoke tile, flooring, and other aspects of home design. Pairing the delicate Beloved Script with its down-to-business counterpart, Beloved Sans, brings this thoughtful logo to life.

The tagline

Love every detail is the cherry on top of the Spillman Homes brand—the final touch to bring the visual brand into the world of words!

Work created at Hoot Design Co.
My final brand board for Spillman Homes

My final brand board for Spillman Homes