Seriously, what should you design?

I love playing with typography as much as the next (typography-obsessed) person. But I get stuck... all the time.

Sometimes you just gotta take some chances. So I made a challenge generator to guide you.

Give the wheels a spin to find just what you should design and how you should design it.

Use the words from...

Use the wheel and numbered list below to find your typography text:

1. Adjective + noun pair from the latest Donald Trump tweet
2. Last 3 words from your most recent text message
3. The title of the most recent image when you
search "photo" on Shutterstock
4. An excerpt from the
most recent tweet in your feed
5. Text from the
third Google image search result for "words"
6. Text from the
8th Google search result for "meme"
7. The next 4 words your iPhone predicts you'll type
8. The quote from the 1
2th Pinterest result for "quote"
9. Excerpt from the title of the most recent
Google news search result for "unconfirmed sources"
10. Choose a
sad Morrissey lyric. Any Morrissey lyric.
11. The core chorus phrase from the
top song on Genius—except auto-translated to Latin by Google Translate
12. The title of a
randomly selected Wikipedia page


...& put them in the style of...

Now use this wheel and numbered list to find your design style:

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